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Seven Wolves IPA - Nitro

Tap #1 (Nitro): Seven Wolves IPA (SRM = 5.5, IBU = 45.9, ABV = 7.6%)

Seven different kinds of hops used throughout the brewing process, plus dry-hopping, gives this golden IPA a lupulicious flavor boost hop-heads will love. Served on nitro for creamy goodness.

How ours is different: We love the flavor and aroma of hops, but aren't too big on bitterness. So, we add our hops, and lots of 'em, late in the brewing process to maximize aroma and flavor without making the beer overly bitter. We use crystal malts sparingly and lighten the body of our beer with a little corn sugar to allow the hops to stand out more. We add seven different kinds of hops, some citrusy, some piney, some resiny, etc., to hit your palate with different hop characteristics at different points for a hoppy complexity.

Rum-Raisin Stout - Nitro

Tap #2 (Nitro): Rum-Raisin Stout  (SRM = 38.1, IBU = 22.3 ABV = 8.1%)

A high-gravity, black, creamy and very sweet stout, fermented with oats, raisins, and dark brown sugar and mild English hops. Served on nitro for a dessert-in-a-glass creaminess.

How ours is different: We love the flavor and aroma of hops, but aren't too big on bittern We were really going for a dessert here. We wanted this to be something you could easily drop a scoop of ice cream into, so we thickened the body with milk sugar* and oats, and added lots of dark brown sugar for residual molasses components, high sweetness and high alcohol.
*Contains lactose.

Big Brass

Tap #3: Big Brass  (SRM = 10.5, IBU = 25.3, ABV = 7.0% )

A copper-colored English ale brewed with Colorado Springs honey. This is a bigger, maltier and higher ABV version of  our regular Brass Ale Honey Amber.

31 Black Wheat Wine

Tap #4: 31 (SRM = 31.0, IBU = 55.6, ABV = 8.1%)


Named after the Air Force Academy’s 31st Squadron - the Grim Reapers - this high gravity black wheat wine is dark and foreboding, with malty and roasty tones.  Don’t fear the Reaper!
Seven Pups IPA

Tap #5: Seven Pups IPA  (SRM = 5.5, IBU = 45.9, ABV = 5.8%)

Same great flavor, but a little lighter ABV version of our regular flagship Seven Wolves IPA. Still uses seven different kinds of hops throughout the brewing process, plus dry-hopping, to give this golden IPA a lupulicious flavor boost hop-heads will love.

Shine On

Tap #6: Shine On™ Oaked Belgian Golden Strong Ale  (SRM = 8.8, IBU = 25.5, ABV = 6.3%)

After a long haitus, it's back! Aromatic malts, oats, and Belgian candy sugar give this unique ale the color and strength of the summer sun. Aged on American oak for wine-like notes

How ours is different: Well, in just about every way. We wanted it to be bigger bodied and somewhat tarter than traditional Belgian goldens, and that's how we chose our grain bill. Aging it on oak compliments the tartness in a way reminiscent of big oaky wines to create a truly unique beer.

Red Oktober

Tap #7: Red Oktober  (SRM = 17.0, IBU = 19.0, ABV = 5.0%)

Our fall seasonal. Leave it to us to mash up a German Oktoberfest Ale and an Irish Red, and give it a Russian name.  Like the fictional submarine, this beer is dark, quietly smooth, but has some depth and character.  A chestnut colored ale brewed with noble hops and a smooth lager yeast; this is a beer worth hunting for.

How ours is different: A blend of a traditional German and Irish styles makes for a beer with nothing traditional about it. The smooth malty lager of an Oktoberfest blends surprisingly well the Irish Red’s roasted barley.  Spicy Saaz hops round out the old-world flavor experience for an unforgettable beer!

Cone of Confusion

Tap #8: Cone of Confusion (SRM = 8.0 IBU = 18.0, ABV = 6.1%)

Cone of Confusion – This wheat-based amber was barrel soured to a medium pucker level.  There’s a lot going on to tantalize your palate in this little head-scratcher!

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