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Seven Wolves IPA - Nitro

Tap #1 (Nitro): Seven Wolves IPA (SRM = 5.5, IBU = 45.9, ABV = 7.6%)

Seven different kinds of hops used throughout the brewing process, plus dry-hopping, gives this golden IPA a lupulicious flavor boost hop-heads will love. Served on nitro for creamy goodness.

How ours is different: We love the flavor and aroma of hops, but aren't too big on bitterness. So, we add our hops, and lots of 'em, late in the brewing process to maximize aroma and flavor without making the beer overly bitter. We use crystal malts sparingly and lighten the body of our beer with a little corn sugar to allow the hops to stand out more. We add seven different kinds of hops, some citrusy, some piney, some resiny, etc., to hit your palate with different hop characteristics at different points for a hoppy complexity.

Rum-Raisin Stout - Nitro

Tap #2 (Nitro): Rum-Raisin Stout  (SRM = 38.1, IBU = 22.3 ABV = 8.1%)

high-gravity, black, creamy and very sweet stout, fermented with oats, raisins, and dark brown sugar and mild English hops. Served on nitro for a dessert-in-a-glass creaminess.

How ours is different: We love the flavor and aroma of hops, but aren't too big on bittern We were really going for a dessert here. We wanted this to be something you could easily drop a scoop of ice cream into, so we thickened the body with milk sugar* and oats, and added lots of dark brown sugar for residual molasses components, high sweetness and high alcohol.
*Contains lactose.

Sunshower Strawberry Blonde

Tap #3: Sunshower Strawberry Blonde (SRM = 4.3, IBU = 18.5, ABV = 5.5%)

This all-American beer uses US-grown pale and light crystal malts, Pacific northwest hops, and 16 pounds of California-grown ripe red strawberries. With its light body and hint of strawberry freshness, this pale beer is perfect for the warming weather.

How ours is different: We wanted this to first be a great blonde, but one just a little bit different.  The strawberries were meant to add just a hint of flavor and aroma, a slight freshness, without overpowering the beer with a heavy berry flavor.

Black Bear Zwartbier

Tap #4: Black Bear Zwartbier  (SRM = 34.2, IBU = 25.4, ABV = 6.0%)

A popular style 500 years ago, this Belgian-style "zwartbier," or black beer, is surprisingly light in body and refreshing, with a hint of pepper and citrus.

How ours is different: Instead of using an ale yeast, we use a lager yeast on this one. We chose a yeast based on similar continental yeasts in use in Belgium 500 years ago, and fermented it at ale temperatures just like the old brewers did, to produce a unique flavor profile.

Midsummer Ale

Tap #5: Midsummer Ale  (SRM = 3.3, IBU = 30.1, ABV = 4.5%)

 A light-bodied golden ale made with lemons, limes and oranges for a refreshing shandy-like brew to beat the summer heat.

How ours is different: We start with a traditional American all-barley golden, but age this beer in the secondary on lemon, lime and orange zest to create a beer with all of the citrusy thirst-quenching power of a shandy (half-beer, half lemon-lime soda) but a beer thatís drier and more drinkable than a shandy.

Ned's Red, Baby!

Tap #6: Ned's Red, Baby!  (SRM = 14.3, IBU = 12.6, ABV = 5.2%)

Jennaís last brew, this Flanders Red has been barrel souring since the summer of 2015.  Intense sour flavors under-layered with stone fruit and malt.  This is our most sour sour ever!  Nedís Red, Baby, Nedís Red!

Get Buzzed

Tap #7: Get Buzzed Honey Ale  (SRM = 5.1, IBU = 25.0, ABV = 6.3%)

A light, fresh ale made with 20% Colorado Springs wildflower honey for a flowery nose and a touch of honey flavor.

How ours is different: A light, refreshing delicious golden ale is where we start with this one, but then add gobs of locally produced honey for crispness and a hefty alcohol content, plus a little honey malt to enhance the honey flavor.


Tap #8: Lucille  (SRM = 16.8, IBU = 16.5, ABV = 6.0%)

Kelly brewed this lightly soured blackberry bock with 25 lbs of fresh berries.  A deep reddish amber color, this nowhere-near-traditional bock is a nice balance of tart, fruity and malty flavors.

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